İpek Şeritler


These tapes are weaved of polyester fibers. The insulation class is F ( 155ºC ).
Polyester woven Tape finds application in electrical Industries  for insulation purpose, armouring of micro based insulation, finishing and tying of coils in electrical rotatting machines upto class F ( 155ºC); moreover it is heat shrinkable.
The choise of Polyester tape to be used for a particular job depends on thickness, widths and strength of the tape required.
The standard length of tapes are 25 meters and 50 meters . However, available as per customers’ requirements also. Except these, orders for other measures are welcome.
All these tapes are sold in the form of rolls.
The Standard Measures of Polyester Tape (Webbing ):
20 mm x 25 meters
20 mm x 50 meters
24 mm x 50 meters
25 mm x 50 meters
30 mm x 50 meters