Kord İpleri

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The insulation class is F ( 155ºC ). The ecovat cord is made of nylon fiber. Cords no: 210 with 12/15/18 are packed in 500 gr packages.


The cord is weaved from polyester fiber,and it is used in places with 155 ºC temperature. This cord is used for fastening a stator with carrying power of 20kg/mt. It is sold in a package which consists of several 20 meter cords. Moreover, there is a possibility to sell them by weight by rolling it to bobbins. Standard thickness is 4mm, and other thicknesses like 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm are also supplied.

Norm : IEC
Rupture Resistance : 18-20 kg
Humidity : 0.5 % (65 % of Humidity environment)
Colour : White
Harmony to the copper : Positive (ASTM D2671)
Harmony to the varnish : Positive
Insulation Class : F (155°C)