Melinex® 389 Bondable Film


389 is a coextruded one side bondable polyester film with excellent resistance to UV degradation. Melinex It can be bonded to itself and a variety of other substrates including paper, PVC, copper, aluminium foil and steel, by the application of heat and pressure in the temperature range 140°C – 200°C (not polyolefins or polystyrene). In addition, the coextruded surface will chemically bond to other resin systems e.g. unsaturated polyester, PVdC etc. and/or act as a primer with conventional polyester adhesive systems. It is often used in the manufacturing process for GRP sheet where it acts as both a carrier film for the resin/glass mix and also as a permanently bonded surfacing film giving excellent UV protection in the finished sheet.

®Melinex 389 is available in a thickness 20 and 30 microns. The heatseal layer is wound on the inside.

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