Melinex® 301 Bondable Film


301 is a coextruded one side bondable polyester film based on Melinex

It can be bonded to itself and a variety of other substrates including paper, PVC, copper, aluminium foil and steel by the application of heat and pressure in the temperature range 140o In addition the coextruded surface will chemically bond to other resin sytems eg unsaturated polyester, PVdC etc and/or act as a primer with conventional polyester adhesive systems. It is often used in the manufacturing process for GRP sheet where it act as both a carrier film for the resin/glass mix and also as a permanently bonded surfacing film in the finished sheet.

®301 is available in thicknesses of 15, 20 and 30micron. The heatseal layer is wound on the inside.

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