Dupont MYLAR® A



MYLAR® A Polyester film is a flexible , strong and durable film with an unusual balance of properties making it suitable for many industrial applications. MYLAR® A is a tough general purpose film which is translucent in 0.075mm thickness or above. Moreover, MYLAR® A is ideal for a broad array of applications in the electrical, electronics, magnetic media, industrial specialty, imaging and graphics, and packaging markets. MYLAR® A is also available in 0,012mm trough 0,500mm thickness range.

MYLAR® A has a tensile strength that average 210 MPa, has excellent resistance to moisture and most chemicals and can withstand temperature extremes from –70°C to 150°C. Because it contains no plasticizers, MYLAR® A does not because brittle with age under normal conditions.


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Mylar ® A 12 – 36mic             Mylar A 50 to 125mic         MYLAR A 125 – 350 MICRON